Charges that experience matters for the good

To the editor:

Driving along our roadways, you can’t miss them – campaign signs. They’re everywhere. All of them essentially conveying the same message; “vote for me.” Most of the signs simply state the candidate’s name and the position they are seeking. However, there are two signs that are more direct in their message as to why the candidate should be elected to office. Regarding the race for President Judge of the Mifflin County Court of Common Pleas, President Judge Tim Searer’s sign reads “Experience.” While the sign of challenger Attorney Dave Barron reads “Time for Change.”

I have always been under the impression that typically when change is needed, something needs to be improved or repaired. For a candidate to state that it’s “time for change” just for the sake of using it as a catchy election phrase without any basis is counterintuitive. Insofar as I am concerned, the Mifflin County Court of Common Pleas has, for 20 years, been run very effectively, with the sound judgment, integrity and leadership of President Judge Tim Searer. Judge Searer’s record of performance on the bench is without blemish and the citizens of Mifflin County have been well served as a result of his dedicated service and experienced leadership.

In this very important election, I believe that indeed experience counts and the residents of Mifflin County are very appreciative of the fact that we have had a man such as Judge Tim Searer leading our county judicial system, unblemished, for 20 years. Experience DOES count. I am confident that if you could ask any of the passengers who were aboard U.S. Airways flight No. 1549, as it made an emergency landing into the Hudson River, if they would rather have an experienced and seasoned pilot like Captain Chesley Sullenberger at the helm or someone just out of flight school, the answer would be a resounding “we want Sully.”

“Time for change” in the Mifflin County Court – I don’t think so. Nothing is broken or needs repaired. Experience counts. On Nov. 5 let’s all continue to rely on the experience, leadership and decision-making skills of Judge Tim Searer in the Mifflin County Court of Common Pleas.

Ken Fisher