Believes there’s 1 party: Progressive with 2 sides

To the editor:

I’m a man without a party. Actually, I’m still a Republican, but as soon as the Senate GOP caves (and they will), on this debt ceiling, socialized medicine debacle, I’m leaving the party. I wish there were a viable conservative party to join, but no such luck. It probably makes no difference, but I suppose I’ll become an independent, which means I’ll be giving up the privilege of voting for Frick or Frack in the primaries, but I’ll still retain the privilege of voting for the candidate in the general election that I think will do the least damage.

I wish it weren’t so, but we really only have one party, and that’s the Progressive (socialist) party. It has two divisions, which are the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats have long ago given up any pretense of being guided by godly principles, by our Constitution, by right or wrong, or by our manmade laws. Although they’ve always claimed to be for the poor and downtrodden, it seems that this loyal voting block, remains the poor and the downtrodden, seems to be growing in size in recent years. In fact, in my opinion, the only moral, well intentioned Democrat I remember in my voting lifetime was Jimmy Carter, and while he meant well, he was totally inept, but learned the hard way that neither party wanted a good honest man in the White House. I don’t think that’s a problem with our current leader.

Now to the other branch of the progressive party: The Republicans. I was drawn to the GOP, because I really believed that they were all the things that I just said the Democrats weren’t. I was wrong. Looking back, I realize that no matter which branch of government seems to be in power, we as a country go deeper in debt, the government gets bigger, we lose more rights, super rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and we creep closer to complete socialism.

As an example of false hopes, I recall that early in the Reagan administration, the GOP came out with welfare reform, which was to enforce work requirements, and to pluck the unqualified from the rolls and in turn, increase benefits to the needy. Unfortunately, with all the new rules come new loopholes, and the rolls quickly doubled. I worked for the welfare during that entire period. Reagan also solved the illegal immigration problem by legalizing the illegal, and assured that fences would be built and the entire border would be secured. I guess we all know how that turned out.

Reagan also cut taxes on all income groups, but Congress didn’t cut spending -greatly increased it – and so taxes went back up, along with the budget deficit. Now for this to happen to a man with the gravitas of Reagan makes one wonder, does it not?

I’ve watched hopefully through the years, as each important vote, or decision came along, and then wondered how we could come so close, but still lose, usually by a few, I believed, turncoat Republicans. Now I believe it was just a well-planned show, to make both branches of our one party believe we’ve been represented.

I’ve also noticed that both branches, with the help of the media, have worked together to eliminate any conservative reformers. Look what they’ve done to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann; Painting them as stupid, unstable, nutcases. Remember when the Democrats said that a member of the tea party displayed a radically offensive sign, and made offensive remarks at a rally? The GOP didn’t defend the Tea Party, even though the Democrats couldn’t produce one bit of evidence.

I agree that the GOP is the “loyal opposition.” I just don’t think they’re loyal to the people. The bottom line is that our progressive government is in a huge chess match against the American people, and the people are always several moves behind it. Think about it.

John Kauffman