Believes the people will join her in picking Barron

To the editor:

I’m just a common person in this community. Like many of you, I work hard day in and day out, I love my family and I want to have pride in my community. As a common person I want to say thank you to Dave Barron for stepping up to the plate to finally give Mifflin County residents a choice for judge. Our country is built on the belief that the people should choose their leaders but it’s hard to do that without a choice. I applaud Dave Barron for giving us this opportunity to make a choice.

Since first hearing that Dave Barron was running for office, I have spent a lot of time speaking to friends, colleagues, neighbors and family about their feelings on his campaign. The positive responses I received didn’t surprise me. People are excited to have someone they consider to be down to earth, respectful, honest and experienced throw their hat in the ring.

By the sounds of it, he is being discredited because he doesn’t have the same experience as the incumbent judge. Are we all to believe that only candidates who have 20 years of judicial experience are qualified to hold the position of judge? Are we to believe that no one is qualified enough or worthy enough in this area to serve, except our current judge? Sooner or later the voters of Mifflin County will have to elect someone who hasn’t already been a judge, just as they did when they elected the incumbent 20 years ago.

Dave Barron does have experience. He has been an attorney for 20 years. This is actually more legal experience than the incumbent had when he was first elected. Dave Barron has served as a public defender, a prosecutor and a private attorney in Mifflin County and surrounding counties, too. In my opinion, however, experience means nothing with regard to a judgeship if it doesn’t come with respect and consideration for the voters who put you into office.

I know many who support Dave Barron. He is very well liked. He and his wife are highly regarded in the community and many are hopeful that he will win. There are many, however, who are also fearful of voicing their support publicly. Why? It’s human nature I suppose; a small town and fear of the good old boys club. As many are drinking their coffee this morning and reading this letter, I can almost hear them as they shake their heads in agreement saying to themselves, “yes, that’s true.”

I believe it’s time for a new judge. I know many other hard working, common folk in this community also believe it’s time for a new judge. Please have the courage to get out and vote for Dave Barron. It is always difficult to unseat an incumbent and every vote is needed. I believe in Dave Barron. I trust Dave Barron. Many of us believe and trust him. And this, my friends, is the change we welcome.

Lori Sheaffer