Backs Judge Searer for management experience

To the editor:

Serving as Judge of the Court of Common pleas requires a person who is committed to ensuring that all citizens of the county receive a fair and impartial hearing on whatever issues they may need to bring to the court. But the successful candidate in this election will be required to go beyond carrying a full caseload and making decisions in those important cases.

The winner will be our President Judge for the next 10 years and be responsible for the management of the entire judicial branch of county government. In addition to deciding cases, the President Judge must also manage the budget and human resource needs of not just the Court of Common Pleas, but the three magisterial district judge offices, the Office of Probation and Parole and the Domestic Relations Office as well. In all, nearly 50 employees rely upon the President Judge’s wisdom and direction to ensure that these offices operate smoothly and within their budgets.

During my two terms as a commissioner of Mifflin County, I worked closely with Judge Searer to create budgets for the county. Judge Searer was then and continues to be focused on providing equal access to the courts while at the same time remaining fiscally conservative.

He worked diligently to ensure that the court and its subsidiary offices were adequately staffed, while at the same time keeping careful control to avoid unnecessary spending.

Judge Searer’s experience and performance of these crucial duties is unmatched in this race. I am confident that he will continue to apply these principles to balance the needs of the citizens of Mifflin County with the budgetary realities of the 21st century.

If you believe, as I do, that the management of nearly three million of our tax dollars is a task where proven leadership and experience matter, join me on Nov. 5 to reelect Judge Tim Searer as President Judge of the Mifflin County Courts.

Murray W. Laite