Apologizes for bad info, but not for his beliefs

To the editor:

This is a humbling experience for me and I apologize to all readers. I have been criticized and I deserve the criticism. I admit to accepting an email from someone I thought was a good source and I didn’t check the information myself.

This, however, does not mean that I do not still think that Obama does not have dictatorial tendencies. I think he does. Many times he has threatened to use his executive orders to do something if Congress does not act to his satisfaction.

I totally disagree with his politics as I do with all progressives and I do not care which party they belong to. I am a conservative and believe in the strict interpretation of our Constitution. I believe in a small federal government and that the states should have most of the power and, therefore the individual.

I detest the federal government telling me or anyone else that they know what is best for me. I will be the judge of that and other people should also judge for themselves. I believe in power to the people.

Again, I apologize for my mistake. I do not apologize for my opinion. My opinions are subject to only one authority and that is the authority of God and God only.

Stephen Sellers