What can happen when services contracted out

To the editor:

An interesting situation occurred which demonstrates what staff, parents and other attendees were pointing out could happen when student services are contracted out by a school board.

The July 17 issue of the Paxton Herald, available at the main branch of the Mifflin County Library, relates that prescription glasses were thrown out the school bus window by other students. The driver secured the bus, and got out, and picked up the glasses off the road so they wouldn’t be smashed for which he was summarily fired.

A company named Durham is the contractor. They admonished the driver telling him drivers are not to be “caretakers” of students’ possessions.

Central Dauphin parents and residents feel bus drivers have responsibility to mitigate what happens on their bus. The Central Dauphin School Board put this out of their control but they are still going to feel the heat.

Jacquelyn Fisher