U.S. will not gain from any attack against Syria

To the editor:

The entire Syrian situation is futile. The Russians are making hay from our mistakes. To bomb or take out the leader of Syria would not reduce problems with the Islamic world. Recent history shows us that every time we try to make changes in the Near East Islamic community, it costs us prestige, money and lives.

Look at Iran. Years ago they had a despot called the Shah. He was an obnoxious person, but other than his wife’s fetish for shoes, they did not harm our country, no stupid students were arrested for trespassing on their land while hiking, and they traded beneficially with us. We got rid of the Shah and what happened? Oh yes, now Saddam was called. But he served to offset the “crazies” of Iran so things were kept in balance.

George H.W. Bush did the right thing by giving Saddam a spanking. George W. Bush played the cowboy and got Saddam killed. Result: The Islamic of Iraq are slowly killing off Coptic Christians with no opposition from anyone.

When will our political leaders understand that the Muslim community of the Near East has one goal in mind and that is to force everyone to embrace the Muslim religion as both a religion and as a government?

I do not understand how any woman in this country condone or accept the Muslim religion in either situation. How can any women defend the fact that “If a woman is raped and reports that rape, she is guilty of a sin and a breaker of the law and could be put to death.” It has already happened. Read the news. Think of the “brave” man who shot the little girl in the head for wanting an education. Think of the European woman who reported a rape and was put in jail.

One other point: The young men in the extreme Islamic religion think that if they kill of enough “Bad Guys,” meaning we Christians and other citizens of the Untied States, they will be given a number of “Virgins” in heaven when they die.

I wrote to our senators and representatives asking them to vote against the proposed strike on Syria. The king of Syria has not harmed us. Sometimes it is better to deal with the “Devil” we know than to deal with the potential successor who we do not know.

1. According to anything I have read, those opposing the King of Syria are even more extreme “Islamists” than are in command now.

2. The Russians will benefit and we will lose if the present king is disposed or attacked by us.

3. Actually we have already lost influence in that part of the world and if we go forth on this proposed attack, we will be “toast” as far as that part of the world is concerned.

John E. Brockett