Parent of cheerleader is proud of game behavior

To the editor:

I know that when the school board decided to combine the two schools in this area that a lot of people were upset and said nothing good could come of it. But I’m here to tell you that on Friday night Sept. 13, while attending the Huskies football game, I saw something wonderful happen.

The quarterback for Mifflin County had seriously gotten hurt on a play and the EMTs had to be called. While waiting for the EMTs and finding out what had happened. I noticed that the cheerleaders gathered in a circle on the sidelines. Then they all put their heads down and, hands held, prayed for this player.

I believe this was a good sign of sportsmanship on behalf of the Huskies. And I’m proud to be a parent of a Husky cheerleader on that team. Also I would like to say way to go girls! Mifflin County is proud of you.

Paula Weaver