Message of hope for all those who are grieving

To the editor:

In 1987, I watched a soap ( The Young and the Restless). The show was doing a portrayal of homelessness. Jeanne Cooper played a rich woman who, through a series of events, became homeless. Every time I watched the show, I cried. Every time I turned on the TV for several weeks, be it news, whatever, I saw homeless and cried. God can use anything to serve his purpose. I finally realized he wanted me to do something. After praying, he led me to do a homeless project in Philadelphia. I started collecting winter clothing and food for the homeless. Results: Eight and a half National Guard truck loads transported to Philadelphia, all glory to God.

Recently, Jeanne Cooper died. A memorial to her was done on The Young and the Restless. At a time when I have been grieving tremendously over the death of my own son, God once again used the same actress to reach me. Bible verses telling about Christ’s warning were read on the show. Jeanne’s character (Katherine) was seen by loved ones in a quick glance – a huge smile on her face – then she disappeared. My heart soared as amazement filled me. That same smile – all teeth showing, was on my son’s face during his best hours. I know God was saying my son is now in joy with him and Jesus.

Each time I turned on TV again, something about Christ’s return was on. On “Americas Got Talent,” a young artist portrayed a dying man flying through the air going to heaven. Sweet singers sang songs referencing God and Christ. The “X-Factor” also had a singer praising Jesus Christ.

Many of you have lost loved ones and are suffering. No one can understand exactly what we feel unless they have gone through it. Don’t give up. Let Christ be your strength. You may be going through hard times and feel you can’t take it anymore. Don’t give up. Christ is about to return. Joy unequaled awaits us. God said, “I’ll wipe away all tears from your eyes.” You have to have those tears to be wiped away.

What did God say to me this time? I’ll leave you with the Bible verses read on The Young and the Restless., “I will come upon you and you will not know what hour I will come upon you.”

I am longing for the happiest day of my life – the day I see the face of Jesus, the day I stand in the presence of God, my savior, the day I see my beautiful son again, standing with them. It is almost here. Our king is close to his return.

Carol Bishop