Lewistown couple among Dauphin woman’s helpers

To the editor:

On Thursday morning, Sept. 19, the tire on my vehicle blew out as I was entering U.S. Route 322 east in Dauphin. I pulled to the side of the road and then discovered that I had left my cell phone at home.

I have lived in Dauphin for a long time and was hopeful that if I stood near my vehicle, someone I knew would see me and stop to help. Within a few minutes, a very nice young couple from Halifax (last name is Baker) stopped and asked if they could assist me. They quickly took charge of the situation, found the spare tire (my vehicle is relatively new – only about 3,200 miles and I had no idea where the spare tire was hidden), allowed me to use their cell phone so that I could make a call, and changed the tire.

And, while they were assessing the situation, another young couple from Lewistown (driving a Ford van) stopped to ask if they could help. They had seen me stranded along the road and took the time to turn around and come back to offer assistance.

The two men consulted with each other about changing the tire and within a few minutes, the spare tire was on my vehicle and I was back on the road, with both couples providing guidance as I entered the flow of traffic.

It was certainly very unnerving to be standing along the highway feeling so helpless. But, these two caring, considerate, and thoughtful young couples quickly alleviated my worries. (Incidentally, I tried to pay them but they absolutely refused to accept any payment.) The world often seems to be filled with harsh negativity.

As I reflect on this positive experience, I smile as I think of these young folks coming to my rescue and I know that our community is a better place because of people like them.

Ruth G. Robinson