Claims state tax bill would help rich, hurt the poor

To the editor:

House Bill 1189, the Optional Property Tax Elimination Act (OPTEA), which was developed by Seth Grove, a Republican state Representative from the 196th District benefits the rich at the expense of the poor and working class in Pennsylvania.

That bill would allow school districts to swap their property taxes for an earned income tax on the wages of workers and a business privilege tax/or a mercantile tax. Both of those taxes are similar to a regressive sales tax that penalizes the poor.

House Bill 1189, would not tax income derived from capital gains, dividends and interest that are primarily the exclusive domain of the wealthy who would dearly love to have school property taxes on their estates and mansions lowered.

Again, House Bill 1189 would benefit the wealthy, but for the poor and working class in Pennsylvania, it would be a bad joke.

David L. Faust