Armagh taxpayer: Learn about bonding at meeting

To the editor:

On Sept. 10 I attended the Armagh Township meeting in Milroy. The main objective of this meeting was to discuss road bonding. Armagh Township has had weight limitations and bonding on their roads in effect since 1995. Many employees from local sawmills were in attendance with concerns about having to pay to bond the roads that they use for their businesses. As an Armagh Township resident and taxpayer, if a profit making commercial business causes damage to our roads with their trucks, they should be responsible to repair the damage, not the taxpayer.

There are three Armagh Township Supervisors, Glenn R. Boyer , Chairman of the Board, Leroy J. Goss and Michael E. Reed. As of this meeting, on a motion from Leroy Goss, seconded by Glenn Boyer, Armagh Township will revert to an old ordinance that will have to be redrawn, re-advertised and amended at a cost to the township. Until that is done road bonding will no longer be required in Armagh Township. This will pass the cost of road repair directly to the taxpayers of Armagh Township. Mike Reed voted to keep the original ordinance in effect because Armagh Township will not be able to afford to take on the extra expense of road repair that this will cause.

Jeff Moyer of Eastern Industries was in attendance and expressed a willingness to work with local sawmills to offset the cost of the bonding. He feels that it is the responsibility of businesses that make a profit while using our roads to help keep them in good repair and not pass this off to the taxpayers.

This is a very important ordinance and if the taxpayers of Armagh Township want to learn more, please consider attending the next meeting at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 7 and see for yourself what your tax dollars pay for.

Beth Reed