Urges votes to bring on road safety improvements

To the editor:

My fellow citizens of Wayne Township, Mifflin County:

You probably remember that famous line from the movie “The Shining,” as spoken by Jack Nicholson when he said, “I am back.” Well so are we. We approached the Wayne Township Board of Supervisors six years ago to ask for them to make corrections to the road from Newton Hamilton Borough to the Kistler Bridge at Mount Union. They said, and we believed them, when we were informed that while and after construction was being done on the sewer installation they would make corrections to the route by adding safety rails to prevent injuries and deaths.

Now six years have gone by and guess what? Yeah, you’re right – nothing. How far more are they able to get into the “pork barrel” with the monies now obtained through the additional monies received by the sewer authority? It has always been said, “For every problem, there is a solution.” So let us propose one will/can work for a solution.

Vote as a concerned citizen and get new faces who are concerned more about correcting dangerous situations rather than dipping into the barrel for more pork.

Wisdom teaches us many good things in our lives, so won’t you put it to use before someone else is seriously injured or killed? This letter was written in lieu of monetary compensation but for increased government officials’ performance.

Chester C. Creitz

Deserving Citizens for Road Improvement

Mount Union