Our leaders should treat women with respect

To the editor:

We are living at a time when the politicians and pundits are always accusing each other about a “war on women.” Well there is a war on women, but not the kind that they talk about. The real war on women is all about men and their ideas on how women are to be treated and taken care of. At Creation, God gave Adam a helper, Eve. He did not give him a slave, a sex object, nor someone he could physically, verbally, or mentally abuse. This is the war on women that I am writing about.

Today’s ruling class is setting a horrible example for America’s young men. When a president, a governor, a congressman, and the mayor of San Diego all have had charges brought against them by women who have been used as sex objects, simply for their own lust for pleasure, and basically gotten away with it, what are other men to think? And my friend, don’t ever think that the lesson hasn’t been learned by some men even in our own central Pennsylvania area.

Case in point; I know of a situation that has recently taken place in the mid-state area where a lady was physically assaulted with the intent of rape. The lady was able to fend off her attacker and escape, but the terror left by the attempt still remains. The incident was reported to the local police, statement taken including text messages where the attacker admitted his act, but no follow up even with a list of possible witnesses. After months of hearing nothing, the lady contacted the district attorney’s office to check the status of her complaint, and was told the case papers had vanished. In the meantime, the perpetrator, who has a history of abusive behavior, walks around just as the above named political figures.

Friend, something is dreadfully wrong with a society that allows this type behavior to continue on. A woman, a wife, needs a man that follows what is set forth in Ephesians 5:25 where Paul writes these words, “Husbands, love your wives just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for it.” As for single men, there is a message for you too. The Seventh Commandment says, “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” but in today’s world it’s all about self and what is in it for me. There are no moral absolutes anymore, and we have become a nation that condones far too many deviant actions and immoral behaviors.

When national, state, and local law enforcement people take an attitude that sexual, verbal, and physical actions against women are of no consequence, then it is time to remember what office holders failed to act responsibly in bringing to justice the men who are waging the real war on women. When the next election cycle comes around, let your voice be heard long and loud, and above all, vote them out of office.

Bobby Sieber