Indian Valley Elementary H&S leader very grateful

To the editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to all of the organizations and business for your recent donations that were so greatly appreciated to our second annual Indian Valley Elementary Spring Festival. Many thanks go out to students and their families for their generosity and donations as well. We were touched by the generous gifts from donors like you help to provide the support needed to continue our mission to provide our students with a wonderful school experience. We are continually inspired by the generosity of donors like you. Again, many warm thanks to all of your dedication to our school.

Many volunteers continue to go the extra step to help using vacation days, putting in many long hours, and so forth. Many thanks go out to the following festival chairs: Somer Weiss (games and activities), Robin Knepp (food donations), Michele McKinney and Gina Himes (kitchen operations). It again was a fun day that I think everyone will remember and hopefully is becoming a new tradition.

Thanks also go out to those who have helped throughout the year with the other various activities and events that are enjoyed so much. Amy Dillon (yearbook), Amy Dillon and Nicole Yoder (Scholastic Book Fair), Natalie Sutton and Judy Wagner (fundraiser), Jen McCarter (spirit drive), Karen Kahley (box tops), Jen McCarter and Cheryl Himes (field day and programs), Thea Leddy (teachers luncheon), Tracy Shade (volunteers), the organizers and helpers for the fourth and fifth grade fundraisers, Christmas crafts and other events and to the teachers who have been instrumental in many of these activities as well as others of their own including Halloween parade, Earth Day and more.

We are reminded again and again how helpful the custodial staff is in providing areas for storage and any equipment we needed as well as being so flexible with the hours for our festival to clean for the evening. We are grateful for their help as well as for the help provided by Mrs. Kline and Mrs. Benner in the office. Also a thank you to Mr. LaMarca and Mr. O’Donnell for their continued support with all of the events we were involved in the past year.

Again, to our families who are able to keep things at home running smooth when our absentness occurs from working on the events, sometimes for very long hours, for days and days at a time.

And to anyone who may have not been mentioned directly, please do not think your help has gone unnoticed. You have all been a part in making Indian Valley Elementary such a wonderful place, something we hope can continue for all the years to come.

Heather Knepp-Crader

Indian Valley Elementary

Home & School President

Raffle Chair

Spring festival co-chair