Happy with pro-life words from local first-time voter

To the editor:

We are constantly made aware that senior citizens are supposed to have all the wisdom. Being a senior citizen I can dispute that claim. All one has to do is consider the voting record of those seniors. They have voted for their representatives, people who support abortion, who don’t pay taxes, have very loose morals, tell lies and spend the United States into oblivion. That record certainly shows a lack of wisdom on the voter’s part.

A breath of fresh air has quaffed from The Sentinel in Jonathan C. Hayes’ “First-time voter supports Corbett for another term” letter of July 30. He has shown the wisdom that many people take years to acquire if they ever acquire it at all.

His stance on pro-life stands out. We suggest that Sentinel readers read his letter and follow his suggestions. It would be part of we seniors gaining some wisdom from the youth of Mifflin and Juniata counties. We have the United States in good hands with Mr. Hayes.

Frank Cunningham

Citizens Concerned with Human Life Mifflin Juniata Inc.