Education involves both the good and the bad

To the editor:

I was taken back by an article which appeared in The Sentinel on July 17, stating that “the reason kids drop out of school is because they don’t like it.” I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of things I didn’t like about school, such as the mile walk to and from, history and geography, the gym suits we had to wear, the public showers, my Ed. Psych professor, recitation in front of the class, initiating both in high school and in college, etc.

I was motivated by the end result so I moved on, trying to change the things I didn’t like or ignoring them and concentrating on the things I like: home ec, math, gym exhibition, singing in the chorus, playing basketball, my classmates, my extraordinary teachers who kept urging me to do my best, etc.

I managed to complete 16 years, with honors, too. It helped that I had parents who reminded me that in real life we sometimes must do things we don’t particularly like to do such as taking out the garbage and cleaning the commode. I’m sure nurses’ aides aren’t thrilled with emptying bed pans and I’ve never come across a serviceman who enjoyed kitchen patrol.

In almost every job there is a task that must be done even if it’s not enjoyable. Therefore, I believe it is wise to teach youngsters to do whatever is necessary to achieve the desired result, like it or not, or else we will end up raising lazy kids who expect everything to be done for them. So, let’s motivate the youngsters to stay in school, like it or not, to get that diploma.

Marianne Hornyak