Deceased friend is now gone but not forgotten

To the editor:

My friend Helen M. Welch passed away on June 19. She would have been 93 years old on Sept. 13. I was her friend and longtime caretaker for many years.

She fell on Dec. 12 and was taken to the hospital. She was there for one week then transferred over to Golden Living Center – William Penn. She was there for a month then I took her back home, to her Kish Apartments, where she was there only five days and I had to take her back to the nursing home. This ended up to be a permanent move. She needed 24-hours-a-day care.

I went out every day, five to seven hours, to see her. We went out every week to eat and to visit our church and for her to visit and see our big picture of Jesus and sit and meditate for about half an hour.

The girls at the nursing home would always have her up and dressed with her hat, always, and her big white sunglasses on. One of the girls in the dining room called her Hollywood one day and the name stuck the rest of the time we went out.

I would like to thank all those people at Golden LivingCenter – William Penn for helping and making her last six months of living a little easier, especially those girls in the Bear Meadow section.

I took Mrs. Welch out to the nursing home for constant care and living conditions, not dropped off and forgotten about. This I have seen a lot. If you do have a loved one or friend out in a nursing home, go visit them. It will make them feel and will also make you feel good, too. To see their eyes sparkle and a smile on their face will make you feel really good. Do not wait until tomorrow to go visit because you may be too late.

I would like to thank all the people who knew and came in contact with Mrs. Welch, not only visiting her at the nursing home, but also visiting her at her home and church. She always spoke kind words and was always glad for these visits. I would like to thank my youngest daughter, Jennifer Pennepacker, and her family, plus her dog, Lucky, for all the time you spent with Mrs. Welch. Mrs. Welch really appreciated all the times you came to visit her and she really liked all the visits from Lucky.

At last, I would like to thank our preacher, Pastor Narda Druckenmiller from Trinity United Church of Christ for all the times she visited Mrs. Welch, treading from the Bible, or her favorite book, “Singing a Song” and always closing her visit with a prayer, not only for Mrs. Welch, but for everyone who was in the room. Mrs. Welch was very lucky to be in a room with Cora and her granddaughter-in-law, Rose, who came to visit her a lot too.

Mrs. Welch was a top-of-the-line person who loved life and everyone she came into contact with. God bless her.

David L. Habbershon