Urges all to consider what is happening in Egypt

To the editor:

This is what one Egyptian newspaper is printing:

“While we are at it, dear western analysts and pundits: Please don’t tell us that we shouldn’t take to the streets and overthrow a regime that violates our rights, kills us, places itself above all accountability (popular or judicial) and fails at providing even the most basic functions of the state due to its insistence on resorting to nepotism over efficiency and experience. You have institutions, we don’t. You have rights that are respected in the constitution, we don’t, and we won’t be silent until they are enshrined as well, and we will topple any regime that attempts to take them away from us. The age of the strong stabilizing autocratic regimes in the Middle East is over. For one last time, the people will decide their fate, not regimes or interests. Also, dear U.S. government: It would be wise to remove Ambassador Anne Patterson from her position, and place her as far away from the Middle East as possible for her complete and epic failure to do her job and complete antagonism to the population in your name. Transfer her elsewhere. Swaziland sounds nice.”

It is my earnest desire that anyone reading this takes a moment to reflect on what is happening to this country and comes to realize that if left unchecked they will never be free again.

Clyde Bailey