Show officials you’re smarter than they think

To the editor:

Are we a democracy or a representative government? (I’ll answer that question later.)

Are you stupid? Evidently our politicians think so. Read this letter to get your answer.

I heard Sen. Chuck Schumer say that if the Republicans don’t support the current proposed immigration law, the Republicans will become the minority party for a long, long, long time. Are you stupid enough to believe that Sen. Schumer really wants a strong Republican Party?

Also, I recently heard Rep. Paul Ryan say that we must have immigration reform before we can secure our borders. Are you stupid enough to believe him?

Part of the proposed law is a provision that requires all illegal aliens to learn the English language. Are you stupid enough to believe that will actually happen? (I have a suggestion: To prove that they will learn English, let’s make English our official national language immediately. Just think, no more: “press one for English or press two for Spanish.”) And you will be able to walk into Lowe’s or Walmart and see only signs printed in English.

Let’s get involved and help save our great country. Contact your senators and representatives and tell them we are not nearly as stupid as they think. We demand to be heard! Secure the borders before doing anything else. Period!

In closing, please always remember that the illegal aliens will be required to learn English, pay a fine, pay back taxes and on and on. However, if they don’t want to or can’t meet all these requirements – they cannot be deported. Incredibly stupid!

Bill Finkenbiner