Sees too many bad, not enough good on all sides

To the editor:

Where are all of this area’s well-educated blockheads who had constantly bombarded The Sentinel with praise for our reigning president and would-be king? Your absence shows me that the rottenness of this administration has become so obvious that to heap praise on their tyrannical headed-for-totalitarianism bunch would make you party loyalists look like complete fools?

The sad part, I suspect, is that even now, quietly and behind the scenes, you will continue to support an administration that will do anything to gain absolute power and control over our once proud and free country. Why? Because our president comes in the cloak of a Democrat. He doesn’t even resemble the Democrat roots that I came from.

Please realize that being an unwavering party supporter is not like blindly rooting for, say, the Green Bay Packers, simply because you like the color green, or being a Democrat because you like a donkey over an elephant, or vice versa.

Our country’s future is too important for decisions to be made based on frivolity, or at best on slanted and biased misinformation form so-called news organizations such as MSNBC. Even now though, the propaganda filled MSNBC viewer fails to mention all the great things this administration is doing, but rather comes up with pathetic defenses such as: our president didn’t know, or they all do it, and they’ve always done it, and so who cares? Or that was started under the awful Bush administration, or after thorough investigation, the evil doers will be brought to justice.

Department heads will roll after we find out who is responsible, if anyone, for whatever the proletariat happen to find about. Of course we know the president really cares, but being stymied every day by his evil detractors, what can he do? Now to give my humble input.

I worked in state government for a total of 20 years, and I’ve known people who worked in both the state and federal branches of government, and one single rule is in effect for all, and that is: all job duties come from the top, and that if anyone even attempted to make their own rules, they would be summarily dismissed. The other rule is that workers do only what they are officially required to do and not one thing more.

Now having been in the military, I can say that the average enlisted person wouldn’t even get out of bed each morning unless required to do so. In my Army experience, I find that my immediate bosses, the sergeants, talked tough, and in turn demanded absolute obedience from all us underlings. The same sergeants would not make a move until told to do so by their superiors, NCOs or officers, and this process continues right up to the command of that military branch.

What I’m saying is that our president, along with his Chicago Mafia, have been calling the shots or at least condoning all the messes we now know about, and probably several more we don’t yet know about. How about our government illegally selling guns to Mexican drug lords? How about letting people die in Benghazi while doing nothing to save them, but apparently spending their time during the attack concocting a stupid lie about an offensive movie? How about using the IRS to discourage tea party organizations and other supposed enemies from gaining tax-exempt status, while improperly demanding personal, unrelated information?

What sort of mid-level or even high-level moron would dare to order any of the practices listed above? Those decisions, in my opinion, definitely came from very high in the administration, and I believe with the knowledge and tacit approval of the highest in the administration. It is quite strange that our president, while promising to get to the bottom of these scandals, seems to do all possible to block all investigations.

It’s really not surprising, because I’m certain that if a real investigation were allowed to be conducted, starting at the bottom, it would quickly work itself right to the top. The evil deeds being done by this administration truly makes scandals like Iran-Contra and Watergate look like high school pranks. Now for all you (for no reason Democrats,) get your heads out of the sand, become informed and join your fellow Americans to rid our nation of these liberty-stealing counterfeits, attempting to gain control of our now sleep-walk nation. For all you (for no reason Republicans,) the same goes for you. You’ve got a combination of RINOs and self-serving opportunists, and some I suspect who have been compromised through the administration’s elaborate surveillance ability and forced to secretly support ridiculous deals, such as the currently debated immigration bill.

Basically, both parties have too many bad persons and too few good persons, and way too many good Americans wearing rose-colored glasses while the proverbial Rome continues to burn.

John Kauffman