Questions tourist trap set in Raystown parking lot

To the editor:

Our country must be in dire financial straits for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to run a scam to elicit funds from unsuspecting citizens.

On Friday, June 21, my wife and I drove 50 miles to Raystown Lake to launch our small boat at Snyders Run. We launched the boat off the trailer and my wife moored the boat at the small dock while I drove the truck and boat trailer approximately 100 yards to park at what I thought was the parking area as other vehicles with trailers were parked there. After returning from the lake I found a ticket informing me that I was being fined for parking in a spot designated for cars only. I looked around and sure enough; four parking spaces up was a sign saying cars only and pointed my direction.

My questions are:

1. Why are the parking barriers for cars the same distance as the barriers for vehicles with trailers?

2. Why are there no visible lines to show car length parking?

3. Why are there no signs for each designated car spot?

4. Why are there designated spots for cars at a boat launching parking lot?

This is the first parking ticket I have received in 44 years of driving. I don’t park in handicapped spaces, fire lanes, no-parking zones, etc.

There can be no reason for this lack of visible parking designations other than to allow people to mistakenly park there and be fined $40. To fight these tickets, you must drive all the way to Harrisburg. I believe the Corps of Engineers realize most people cannot afford to take off work and use overpriced gasoline to fight a $40 ticket.

Some of the money spent for this ticket was going to be used at a restaurant just up the road. Instead with a lack of appetite I left the area feeling as I had just been ripped off by a tourist trap.

Gene Arters

East Waterford