One ‘under the bus’ story that we will never hear

To the editor:

A clear disadvantage of being a higher-up in government is the likelihood of being thrown under the bus.

People in government shun advancement for the simple reason they don’t want to suffer the Benghazi busing fate of Hillary Clinton, who will never admit she was tossed busward.

Even though Clinton is no longer secretary of state, it can be argued that she was too highly ranked, not to mention powerful, to be cast asunder for the second time. It also helped that Hillary resigned and had planned to resign before the insignificance of Benghazi.

Clinton was originally thrown under the bus during the campaign of 2008 when Barack Obama came out of nowhere. The presidential throne was hers, it was her birthright, and she had earned it for putting up with her husband, who had plenty of experience throwing women under the bus.

Americans don’t care that Benghazi happened. They don’t care that Ambassador Stevens was murdered along with three other servicemen. “What does it matter?” they echoed, if indeed they even paid attention. It matters only if he were your husband and you felt the impact of the bus.

Many Americans don’t know that the Department of Justice played footloose and fancy free with the rights of a Fox News’ White House correspondent by snooping into his phone records and those of his parents. If we do know, we don’t care about it, but Mr. and Mrs. Rosen do, from under the bus.

Americans could not care less that the AP snooping was not the first time a news source had been violated. One hundred and fifty years ago, Lincoln trashed the press and routinely jailed publishers and editors for disagreeing with his war policy, often tossing the constitutional writ of habeas corpus under the bus.

If we are aware that the IRS deliberately audited members of the Tea Party, we don’t give a hoot about that either. Some of us cheer. Woe upon us, though, if we drink tea.

It would make a great soap opera indeed if we Americans heard the particulars of the Clinton/Obama bus bashing prior to Obama’s election. How did that happen?

A nondescript senator from Illinois appeared and took the prize away from the most compassionate and intelligent woman born on this planet. Obviously the bus-chuckers of Obama were more plentiful and smarter that those of the Clintons.

We, of course, will never hear that under the bus story.

Wayne C. Beaver