Looking for items for firefighting history book

To the editor:

My name is Frank Medley Jr. I am a volunteer firefighter in the Lewistown Fire Department, specifically Brooklyn Hose Co. No.13. A few weeks ago an event was held to get the past and present firefighters together to talk about the fire service, and tell old war stories. That night Mike Force said that the history of the LFD was a long and rich one. He also said that no one had put together the history and he wished someone would. Now there are short snippets of histories in books that are published for certain events but not a full history. I undertook the task with a few other people from other companies. I have a general knowledge of the department.

What I am writing this letter to do is to ask all former firefighters or families of firefighters to search their scrapbooks or memories and share them with me to put in this book. If they would rather sit down and talk to me I am also looking for people to do that. The companies that the history includes are, Henderson Co. No. 1, Fame Co. No. 2, Brooklyn Hose Co. No. 3, City Hook & Ladder Co. No. 4, Junction Co. No. 5, Highland Park Hose Co. No. 6 and Fame EMS No. 12, and Lewistown Fire Police. I would appreciate any and all help I can get.

I am looking for: major fires in the area that the department responded to from 1970 to the present; years and makes of apparatus that have passed through the different companies; list of officers past and present from captain down to chief mechanic; and any station mascots as well as notable incidents. Also, when Junction and Highland Park split away from the Lewistown Fire Department. I will also be getting in contact with some past members that I know of.

Thank you for your help. If you have any information for me you can email me at fmjr17044@yahoo.com or call my cellphone at 437-1290.

Frank Medley Jr.