Liquor stores should stay under state control

To the editor:

One half of all fatal road crashes involve a drunk driver. Do we need more drunk drivers and more deaths to increase business for undertakers, but that cost drivers and insurance companies more? No!

Alcohol is a deadly poison that destroys the brains, hearts, kidneys, livers and other vital organs of alcoholics. Do we need more alcoholics dying premature deaths as a result of a wider availability of beer, wine and liquor in private stores? No!

Are the unionized workers in the state-owned liquor business making too much money? No! Are beer distributors getting too rich? No!

Will the profits from the state-owned liquor business benefit Pennsylvania taxpayers more if those profits are turned over to private enterprise, especially the large corporations that are lobbying for the sale of the state-owned liquor system? No!

Should Pennsylvania sell its state-owned liquor business? No!

David L. Faust