Grateful for concerts that entertain us each summer

To the editor:

July 5 rolls around and we find ourselves off to Lewistown to hear the “Let Freedom Ring” concert given by the Lewistown Community Band and the “Let Freedom Ring” chorus.

We gather in front of the Embassy Theater which is getting a face lift and things are turning out beautiful and the crowd of people that gathers is unbelievable. I am sure several hundred people were in attendance.

The band is under the direction of Peter Marsh and assistant director is Terri Limes and Peter raises the baton and the concert is opened with the band playing our national anthem. Many hats were removed and hands were placed over the heart and what a grand way to open the evening’s concert.

Marj Davidson is spokesperson for the band and she shares thoughts in regard to the selection the band is playing and this year she also shared how men of Mifflin County volunteered to be a part of the battle at Gettysburg and the Civil War is celebrating 150 years in 2013.

Young people from Miss Stephanie’s School of Dance were again a part of the program and with huge smiles on their faces they did a beautiful job in their routine along with the band and afterward they got a rousing applause from the audience.

Commander Brad Williams from Chapter13 of the Disabled American Veterans POW/MIA shared thoughts which were well received by all present.

Marj then introduces the “Let Freedom Ring” chorus under the direction of Terri Limes and they were marvelous. As the band played and the chorus sang the “Armed Forces Salute” Marj would call out the branch of service and men and women would stand being recognized for their branch of service and they all received a wonderful round of applause.

The closing selection for the evening was the favorite of many John Philip Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever” and lots of people again brought flags and waved them during this presentation.

Sincere thanks are extended to the Honor Guard from Central PA Chapter 791 of the Vietnam Veterans of America for participating in this evening’s performance. Thanks to Chaplain Brad Williams for sharing his thoughts, thanks to all the musicians who have worked many many long evenings to prepare themselves for this great concert. To Peter Marsh and Terri Limes thank you for your expertise in directing the band and chorus, to all the chorus people who along with the band members worked tirelessly to prepare for this special evening and especially a big thank you to the Friends of the Embassy for sponsoring this concert.

Thanks for a super evening of music, dance and tributes and can’t forget giving a big thank you to all those who brought their chairs and themselves to be a part of this outstanding evening.

Thanks to the Almighty One who watches over us and protects us and to the men and women who continue to serve their country in the military so we can enjoy sitting and relaxing in front of the Embassy Theater on South Main Street in Lewistown, Friday evening July 5.

May God continue to Bless the United States of America.

Sis Norton