Believes third party may be nation’s only salvation

To the editor:

More than half a century ago a young man, strong defender of the blacks, was drafted and sent to Korea. While serving in Korea, an incident occurred that resulted in the integration of all remaining black units. The racial distrust and dislike was felt for decades. When mention of the incident at his yearly military reunion resulted in stares of hostility and dead silence, it was agreed that no mention of the incident was to be made ever again.

In the decades that passed, this young man made many black friends, close friends. His distrust and loathing was packed away but not entirely forgotten. The past several weeks have set race relations back decades. The Messrs. Jackson, Sharpton, Holder and Obama, architects of “divide the races” are about to succeed.

The plan, divide political parties, genders, income classes and races, has come to its last phase – race hatred. The young man, no longer young, holds his black friends with the same high esteem he always had for them. However, he holds three of the big four with utter disdain and totally despises the fourth. He looks on the 70 percent of blacks that follow this man, again, with hostility.

You chose this man to be the leader of your country. Are you still proud? Would you repeat your mistake? If the answer is yes, it’s a very sad day and you are a bitter disappointment. If the answer is “no” in November of 2014 you will have the opportunity to oust his sympathizers and associates. Is it too late? Yes, it most likely is, but, I think “it’s worth a try.” You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. When that time comes, and it is closer than it seems, choose wisely. Democrats have the progressives and Republicans have the uncanny knack of convening circular firing squads. Both parties have forked tongue impediments. My personal belief is a third party will be the only salvation for the United States of America.

Charles E. Deibert