Approves of opinion expressed in recent letter

To the editor:

I applaud Geoffrey Condron for the opinions expressed in his letter that was published on June 27. His logic is impeccable. You can’t have it both ways: condemning hatred when it appears spray-painted in a public area but publishing it in your paper via Open Line.

I have learned not to read Open Line. Not only is it frequently offensive and/or moronic, but it is also a poor journalistic practice to publish anonymous comments. Who knows? Maybe these are the thoughts of your staff.

If you are going to continue to print hateful comments (which I would not recommend), I would strongly urge you to, at least, provide the name of the contributor.

Judy A. Robinson

Honey Grove

Editor’s note: Regardless of your opinion of The Sentinel’s Open Line, rest assured of one thing: The comments of our staff are never included there.