Would close Gitmo and drone captives at home

To the editor:

When I read your editorial this morning regarding Gitmo, I though that we might be missing a great opportunity. Just think of the potential positive propaganda in the world if we closed Gitmo. Now wait a moment: Yes, I know that I, along with a lot of other people, shouted, “Hell no! Don’t close Gitmo!” a year ago. Now times have changed. The fools who really believe that the Muslim countries could handle democracy could take those poor devils from Gitmo under their protective wings. They could have their little “happy days,” their “hugs and kisses,” and their foolish liberties as they celebrate with the released prisoners.

There are a lot of people who truly believe that the Muslim men will actually allow women to be equal to them. Memories are short. Women have no protection, respect or honor in Muslim countries. Look at what happened to female news reporters in the massive celebration after we helped get rid of the king of Egypt. He was touted as the bad guy. Now are women safer in Egypt after his demise? At this point in time can American women travel to Egypt on their own or even in groups to visit the many historical landmarks Egypt has to show the world? Ok, so what has that to do with Gitmo? My suggestion would be to release those residents of Gitmo into their resident countries then “drone” them at their celebration party or in the hills and vales of their native countries. In the end, it would be less expensive.

Americans are too soft-hearted. I could not understand the mind set of people when I read that there are a group of people who feel bad for the younger bomber at the Boston Marathon and want him released claiming that he was under the influence of his evil brother. How soon people forget.

The pictures taken and released that showed that one bag of bombs was deliberately placed next to a small boy and furthermore the image of the person shown doing that deed was the same younger brother. How soon we forget that the “big hero” of the Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan was a man who shot a little girl in the head in a school bus. How soon we forget that 100 percent of the 9/11 bombers were Muslim men seeking their glory and the promise of 1,000 virgin women for their deed. Now there are people who actually seem happy to allow the Muslim men (women do no vote so do not count) to erect a Muslim “church” and center in that site. Think of the propaganda they will be able to spew out over the Muslim world.

Remember we helped Iran get rid of the Shah and his expensive and eccentric wife and what did we get? Oh yeah, the brave and courageous military of Iran jailed some stupid college kids who felt they could hike anywhere as a lark. We kicked that bad guy, Saddam, in the butt under George H.W. Bush and got things back in line, but left him in power. He allowed the Coptic Christians to operate in relative peace. Wow! Now Egypt is gradually killing off the Coptic Christians. Next we will be messing in Syria.

So yes, I would vote to close Gitmo and send those men back home, then drone them. In the long run that would be less expensive. Are there any non-militant Muslims? I would like to see a count. However, do not allow Muslim women to express their opinions, only allow men to make the vote. Isn’t that the way in the region we are discussing?

John E. Brockett