Ponders pressure to take hold of secular beliefs

To the editor:

Over the years I have been a witness to something as a child I never thought possible. But today in my senior years I find myself in awe and disbelief. The moral attitude of this country has become comparable to the diatribes of sewer denizens.

I have watched my young brothers’ heros, Superman and even Batman, become less than American icons. Both heroes were presented as single men with a moral commitment: Superman, who did seem to have an affection with Lois; then there was Batman, who had under his protective wing Robin, the boy wonder.

I would not be at all surprised in time that both these heros would be presented as homosexuals since they had no wives or “close” girlfriends. In Batman’s case his might well be advanced as an example of “moral” pedophilia; the next step in the focus of legalized same-sex demands. I must admit to advancing a supposition but am I being so contrary to the demands currently being taught to not only children but society as a whole – all acts of homosexual behavior are to be accepted, protected and even codified under law?

I think not, for many in the homosexual community are making claim that even Jesus was a homosexual and their only “evidence” was his relationship with His apostles, all men. They even provide support of their hate by the submission of urination upon Jesus as being artful expression. How disgusting.

Not only are we forced to accept the blasphemy of our beliefs but are told that deviance should be taught to our children in even grammar school as acceptable lifestyles with all the attendant claims not so much vocal but advanced by continuing messages and accusations of hate mongering toward those who disagree.

And now an even more advanced method of immorality is being taught by those who claim not a religious belief but an adherence to secular, better explained as paganism/atheism non-beliefs, which must ignore the God in Heaven and advance he who controls the fight in defense of evil – the devil himself.

The message now taught is that killing a child barely out of the womb is not murder but instead, “a late term abortion,” a so-called “rightful choice.” Only if a witness might testify that the child actually took a breath is the act of murder accepted.

We have come down to a wicked level of humanity when we even consider a child in the womb less than a life but simply a tissue in development even though pumping life through its body by a viable and functioning heart.

But that too will soon become the issue affecting those seniors who one day will be told that they too have no value for others have decided their fate in the form of denial of medical treatment simply by dictate of some appointed board of overseers.

How lost have we become that life is judged by convenience, costs, and lifestyle needs that have now replaced the codes of an ethical humanity. How sad.

Mrs. Diane Logan