Money found, customer relations was at low ebb

To the editor:

I have come to the realization that such notions as “going the extra mile” and “customer service” are dead. I know that some companies may still be kind and show their customers appreciation, but I feel as others do not.

By mistake the other day, my purse was left in a cart at a local (department store) parking lot-a fact that was not realized until we were 20 minutes down the road. After pulling over and confirming that my purse was not in the car, we called the store to tell them what had happened. We also explained that there was several hundred dollars in the purse, and we were worried about someone stealing it. We promptly turned around and headed back to the store where we found my purse sitting right where we left it in the parking lot.

I am thankful that nobody stole my purse – I really am – but I am disgusted with the fact that, as a courtesy, the store didn’t send someone out to check for it and bring it inside. I certainly would have checked the parking lot if the same phone call had been made to my work. It is just sad that more and more often you see companies that don’t really care about going the extra mile for their customers.

Heather Heckert

Port Royal