Federal policies are doing more against the people

To the editor:

This past week a child in dire need finally received the lung transplant she desperately needed even though some bureaucrats in government tried to support the denial of that life giving gift.

Over and over again those who keep informed can see how dangerous a government can be in regard to our health, especially when in conflict with doctors and surgeons whose attempt at saving lives is confronted by a wall of “determined government policies.”

This past week the government (and yes, an agency in government is part of government) also gave its OK for the morning after pill to be placed on the shelves without any prohibitions. A child of eight will be able to go into a store, pick up the package, pay at the check-out without one iota of concern by anyone. And the child’s parents may well end up being the last to know.

Then we have the government of Belgium placing into law “the right” to have doctors assist in euthanasia if requested by even a child. The oft empty threat of “Mommy, I want to die,” can now be put into practice. Euthanasia is all too often used as being the “right” of the individual. I might rationalize that someday it might too become the “right” of the government to impose, even if indirectly by non-medical agents, dictates claiming that same “right.”

Does anyone see what is happening not only in this country but all over the world? Can they not connect the dots? A child almost died because of a government policy; minor children whose bodies are still in formation can now take a pill that has not even been determined for possible future negative effects; a child can now claim the right with government approval to kill him or herself (that has been for some time a right allowed an adult in that country). Where has the line of morality been drawn or has the moral code of man become so diseased that it is now unrecoverable?

In time our nations people will be faced with even more government intrusions than we could ever imagine today if we are to continue to be guided by the slow creep of socialism that will determine each and every aspect of our lives. Yes, there will be “medical” panels that will determine if you are suitable for this or that medical procedure. It will not be the doctor at your bedside that will make the determination but a bureaucrat miles away sitting in a cold room surrounded by computers, statistical charts and established bureaucratic medical policies, to which most doctors would disagree, that will make the decisions on what treatments are permissible and where you stand on their list.

We are now killing thousands and thousands of pre-born babies each year in this country. It will not be too long if we continue on this track that many children, adults and especially seniors will be told, “Sorry but our government policies do not agree with the treatment standards your doctor is suggesting. Request denied.”

Mrs. Diane L. Logan