Disappointed by absence of all D-Day coverage

To the editor:

When I finished reading the June 6 edition of The Sentinel, I was troubled that there was no mention of the 69th anniversary of D-Day, perhaps one the greatest days in history with respect to its significance to human freedom. On Friday, I called the editor and left a voice message asking if I had missed the article on D-Day and, if I had not, why the June 6 edition did not mention this event.

Later that evening I received a call from a person representing the editor. I was told that, while he had not worked the desk for the June 6 edition of the Sentinel and had no input to the news stories included, there was a lot of local news on the 6th and only so much available space. Additionally, I was reminded that it was the 69th anniversary of D-Day. As a Vietnam veteran, I was very discouraged by this reply; but we agreed to respect each other’s opinion. In closing, he suggested that I could express my concern in a letter to the editor.

I do not question the need to report the local, state, and national news of the day. I think, however, it is very important that we never forget that the sacrifice made by so many on D-Day ensured today’s journalists the right to pick and choose the items they report. What those men did on those beaches that day ensured our way of life, period.

I was encouraged, however, to see that an article about animal rights or abuse was not included in the articles that preempted this historical event, which resulted in 6,603 Americans being killed, wounded, missing, or captured. I hope that the staff working the desk for the June 6, 2014, edition of The Sentinel will find space to remember the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Michael Hartman