Worried about speeders running Mattawana Hill

To the editor:

I hope that everyone in McVeytown and Mattawana areas read this. We live on the Mattawana Hill and every time it rains or snows there are idiots that feel the need to try to spin around the turn. Just once I wish that you would stop and think. There are kids that walk this hill a lot, school buses, and people that walk their dogs. Are you people stupid or just plain mindless?

This morning my son gets on the school bus and five minutes later here comes a silver Toyota Tacoma, guns it coming through the turn and almost lost control. Really people I hear this all night long all hours of the night and day. There have been head on

collisions here, people hit

the neighbors embankment enough already.

I am hoping that soon the police will wise up to this and come up here and sit to see how many people speed up and down this hill and slide around the corner. Again, people walk this area a lot. Time to grow up people. While I was typing this two more cars did the same thing. School buses are running and no one seems to be bothered by this.

Denise French