Working with residents leads to Barron support

To the editor:

Being privileged to grow up in Mifflin County, I met Dave Barron, who I have always referred to as “Debo” as it was a name given to him from his older sibling and people who truly know and care for him, use that as his name.

During my high school years, I met him through a group of friends. There were weekend evenings that I spent cooking in his parents’ home, grabbing pots and pans that hung from the ceiling of their kitchen. He lived in a warm and caring home and that is clearly reflected in his personality. Debo is always a good friend to anybody he meets and you can feel his commitment to friendship and community coming from his soul.

Later in life, when I returned to Mifflin County, I took on a challenge of serving the community myself for many children, youth and families of Mifflin and surrounding counties. Families in Mifflin County struggle on a daily basis and will continue to do so. I cannot even count how many families I have met over the years who have mentioned Dave’s name to me at work and on the street, being thankful for what he has done for them, helping them seeking to find justice in their lives. There have been many struggling families that he has reached out to, offered advice and help through their hardships, many of which I’m sure he doesn’t even realize.

In 2005, my husband and I began to attend church, which just so happened to be the same church where Dave and his family are members. He is a very caring father, a wonderful husband and steps up any time he is needed for the church – whether it be as an usher, a greeter or offering legal advice. It is a blessing to see him and his family fill an entire pew at church on Sunday mornings.

Our county does not only need a judge who will serve like Dave Barron, it deserves to have a judge like Dave Barron. In my personal life and professional life, I have struggled with the judicial system in our county and it is time for change.

Lori S. Artman