Wonders where today’s patriots are now hiding

To the editor:

Our society is obviously at an impasse and quickly headed away from our foundation as a republic toward a devalued status under a false democracy usurped by socialism/progressivism/Marxism. We are now facing a conundrum that may one day come back to haunt us. Let us hope that day is not within sight.

Only a short decade ago we had values that guided our nation and were consistent with those in reflection of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Today we are instead made to accept infanticide, open border intrusion, denial of rights under our constitution, devalued military and even those of the BSA code so as to accommodate immorality.

Our nation and culture are being slowly destroyed by two powerful intruders: The secularists and the drug traders. Both of these were uninvited but took their place of power under the lazy eye of a complacent electorate and legislators whose want of power overrides the needs of the people.

Oh, if only our founders could redress these issues. Surely our pastors and rabbis seem unwilling. All too often they hide behind the pulpits in fear of losing their voice by those who would deny to them their legal rights under the First Amendment. They are acting as if abetting or in fear of those who would demand secular adherence when instead they should be following the tenets of their faith and the biblical principles that should be guiding them and their congregations.

LIFE: How is it that in today’s climate a child in the womb is not considered life? For some reason that pre-born infant’s value is not judged as being a life in development but instead by its convenience, often presented as an inconvenience. The choice to destroy that life is made by the same person who made the choice to exploit God’s gift of sex and in doing so abused that right. An analogy might well be no different than a man/woman stealing from a store keeper than deciding his/her own punishment if any at all.

LIBERTY: How might a free people fully function when its government that was created to protect and serve instead opens its borders to trespassers and then, adding insult to injury, taxes the legal citizenry to support an illegal occupier. This is not liberty but instead a system of imposition and taxation upon the people of this nation that deserve liberty from an imposing government.

And how might any citizen preserve their liberty if they are denied the means to secure it as was the actual intent of our Second Amendment right to bear arms? And please do not use the argument of military arms when in fact the patriots of our revolution often had better weapons (the long rifle as an example) than those who represented the king. And too, read some of our founders letters especially Jefferson, Adams, Washington who made it clear a free people can only be free if they have the means to cast out an unrepresentative government by vote and even by arms. An unarmed citizenry is a serf; an armed citizenry is their own master. Ask those under the despotism of Hitler, Stalin, Mao how they fared once disarmed?

HAPPINESS: How might anyone be happy if under the control of a government that was formed to protect and serve instead invites “Terrorism” (yes that is the name, not some misdirected PC option) by its failure to secure for the people a safe and secure nation now obviously an open door to terrorists intent upon our destruction?

How can anyone be happy when they work many months of the year serving their masters, the tax happy government entities who ignore the plight of the actual taxpayer in favor of a socialistic welfare mentality that caters to those who take without any effort to contribute?

Our people are being treated as if not deserving of those tenets in The Declaration: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

It seems the government has replaced our freedoms with their dictates. Dictates, by the way, that are in total opposition to those of the brave men in 1775/1776 who dared to stand up to a dictatorial despot and risked not only their wealth but their lives as well.

Where oh where are the patriots of today?

Mrs. Diane L. Logan

Citizens Concerned with Human Life of Mifflin/Juniata Inc.