Warns to be wary when government breaks law

To the editor:

What do you do when the government, in particular the president and the attorney general, and other agencies of the federal government break the law or attempt to circumvent it through executive fiat or administrative procedures.

Quite a conundrum, don’t you think? What recourse do you have?

As a voter you have the power to not re-elect them to the office they hold. You can pressure your members of Congress to begin hearings and impeachment proceedings.

You can protest publicly in the streets and in the media. You can shout from the hilltops and demand their removal from office. You can sue the government in court.

Or, you can just pass it off and accept it. However, a lawless government is a direct threat to your and your children’s welfare and very being. It means that you will eventually lose every freedom that you once held dear. Are you willing to give them up? Are you willing to sit idly by and watch it happen?

I would encourage you to undertake a quick study of history and note what has happened to every nation where an individual or the government rose to power through divisive rhetoric and the vilification of whole classes of people be it race, religion or socioeconomic status.

It ain’t pretty!

Clyde Bailey