Vietnam Vets say thanks for support of auction

To the editor:

We, the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 791, would like to thank everyone who made our recent Chinese auction a great success. Many of the local businesses have donated great prizes for our auction, plus some individuals as well. Thank you so much. Also, we would like to thank the Elks Club for supplying the place and for supplying some free food for this event. Then there were the people who came and purchased tickets to attempt to win the prizes. Thank you for your generosity of purchasing the tickets – many of them purchased several sets of tickets. Because of so many businesses’ and people’s generosity, we were able to make a profit of almost $1,700. The proceeds will go to the memorial we’re erecting at the Fifth Street Circle in Burnham.

If you check out the memorial site in Burnham, you’ll see that things are progressing. We plan on having the dedication ceremony on Burnham Day, which is Saturday, Aug. 31 this year. Reminder: if anyone wants to buy a brick paver, please do so soon. The deadline is June 30 if you want it to be installed in time for the dedication.

Deb Priest