Uneasy at word ‘forward’ from politicians’ mouths

To the editor:

I get nervous when I hear politicians talk about moving our country forward. Now that I have an idea of what moving forward involves, it makes me even more uncomfortable.

Moving forward means taking money from hard working families trying to make ends meet and giving it to folks who are not. Moving forward means slander and intimidation from folks who disagree when people speak against where our present government is moving. Most of all, moving forward means offering entitlements to people to guarantee votes for politicians who want to implement forward.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was certain he was moving the country forward when he declared, on the radio on the evening of Jan. 11 of 1944, that all Americans had the right to a job, food, clothing, recreation, a decent home, medical care, and a good education, among other things.

Americans were used to earning these things without government intrusion, and FDR was rightly concerned about how Americans would react to government guarantees.

Eleanor, his dutiful wife who played second fiddle to the President’s mother as an advice giver, wondered aloud how folks used to receiving things would act after FDR moved on, fearing a reduction in services. Franklin replied that was someone else’s problem.

Presidents since, of course, have tried to scale back government largess. Kennedy, in his most quotable quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country,” tickled voters and the media at his inauguration. No one thought to take him seriously.

Kennedy truly went against the forward movement when he opined to a group of businessmen in New York in December of 1962 that money in the hands of the people is far better spent that money in the hands of government. The media largely treated that as a frivolous move backward.

Richard Nixon tried wage and price controls to stimulate the economy in the late sixties before he advised a second-rate burglary of a second-rate Democratic National Headquarters by a second-rate bunch of plumbers, in a effort to move the country forward by ensuring his re-election.

The names of John Erhlichman, H.R. Haldeman, G. Gordon Liddy, Attorney General John Mitchell, and Nixon leave a sour taste of disgust in our mouths to this day.

Barack Obama is trying to move us forward by fundamentally transforming America with Benghazi irrelevance, AP snooping, attacks on Fox News’ White House correspondent, and IRS encroachment.

And now today, the names of Hillary Clinton, IRS dunces Steven Miller, Doug Schulman, and Lois Lerner, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Obama leave a coppery taste of fear in our mouths, and in our hearts.

Wayne C. Beaver