Treasurer thanks county for years of solid support

To the editor:

I wish to thank you, the citizens of Mifflin County, for giving me the opportunity to serve as Mifflin County Treasurer these last four years of a career spanning 26 years. I will be retiring the first Monday in January when a new country treasurer is sworn in.

Over the years, the functions of the office have basically remained the same, but the scope and amount of county programs have greatly increased our volume of work. When I began work in the treasurer’s office in 1987, the county had one mainframe computer, creating the necessity to leave the office to enter the hand written receipts into the general fund. All other accounts, state licenses and reports were done by hand. Now new technology and software have improved speed and efficiency, but at the same time have placed greater demands for additional services such as Internet banking, Internet dog licensing, scanning doe applications and processing credit cards, to name a few.

I leave you with a capable office staff. My first deputy, Deb Civitts, is now seeking election to be your next county treasurer. With 12 years of experience, she is able to perform all the work and duties of the office. She is competent on all software and able to work with vendors and provide recommendations when a fix is needed. Deb has accompanied me to all state treasurers’ seminars to gain first hand knowledge of all new changes affecting our office. My second deputy, Kim Napier, has been in the office for over a year. She does most of the state licensing and many other functions and has excellent customer service skills.

As this chapter in my life closes, I look forward to good times with my husband, Loren, our children and grandchildren. I plan to work on genealogy, needlework, writing, volunteering and traveling.

I take this opportunity to thank my God for his presence and guidance in my life, for the family and extended families he has given me and the staff and fellow employees who have helped me along the way. I give special thanks to former Mifflin County Treasurer Gerald Hepler, who originally hired me for his office. I have been greatly blessed to be part of a community that cares and extends helping hands to one another. It has been a privilege to work for you.

Janice E. Peachey