Thanks to H&S for making LIS Field Day a success

To the editor:

Once again the Home and School Association, along with many parent volunteers, has put on a fabulous Field Day for the students at Lewistown Intermediate School. Roughly six hundred students went home wet, tired, and happy.

Students were assigned to one of twenty-four stations and rotated throughout the day to each activity. The Mammoth Ball Run, where students guided and got run over by a giant beach ball, and the Obstacle Course, where students raced through obstacles while under siege by parents with water guns, seemed to be this year’s favorites. Lewistown Hook and Ladder put the final touch on the day by hosing down many hot and sweaty students.

Lewistown Intermediate School would like to say “thank you” to all those that helped to make Field Day possible. Special thanks to the middle school and our neighbors who helped supply water and electricity, as well as, put up with the noise of six hundred screaming students while J&D’s Entertainment was rocking the house.

Paul J. Maidens


Lewistown Intermediate School