Students had a great day at Raystown Lake

To the editor:

On May 17 we had the seventh annual Raystown Lake Bald Eagle cruise for the Mifflin County autistic and life skills classes. It was a great day on the water and we saw the mama eagle on the nest at the breast of the dam.

I would like to thank the special people who helped make this trip a reality by donating of their time, money, homemade cookies, etc. Barbara and Dave Bowers, Kim Eckley, Dot Fisher, Mike and Jane Hesketh, Nikki Hidlay, Tracey Jones, Sharon Jones, Ali McCurdy, Karen McCurdy, Sandy Noble, Cynthia Pearce, Marla Wright, Common Ground Magazine, Moosewood Laser, the crew of the Raystown Princess, and all of the caring paraprofessionals and teachers.

Thank you so much for caring and sharing for these special students.

W. Jaynee Carolus