Sets record straight on Milroy Vets Committee

To the editor:

On behalf of the Milroy Veterans Memorial Committee, we feel that we must address the untrue statement published in The Sentinel open line from an uninformed caller on Friday, May 10.

A committee was put together, a memorial project was planned, fundraising was put into place and a volunteer work detail was put into action. Local veterans have been very much a part of the planning and funding of this project. We have to name a few, a graphics artist, a web designer, a landscaper, a trucker, an electrician an excavating company and a committee comprised of mostly veterans who are very proud to be able to donate their time and expertise to help with this project.

We have had overwhelming support in this endeavor. We have sold approximately 250 engraved bricks and orders for more continue to come in every week. We have received many, many generous donations to help defray the cost. Unfortunately, there will always be one percent of the population who are unhappy with everything and they tend to be the most vocal with their negativity. Instead of hurling insults at the workers, they should stop and ask “How can I help?”

ALL of the work done on the memorial is on a volunteer basis and NONE of the work is done during regular Armagh Township work hours. Township crew members and many others are donating their expertise in operating the heavy equipment and doing all of the manual labor required for this project. Their commitment is invaluable and we very much appreciate the time they put in after an 8 hour work day and the Saturdays that they give up to work on this memorial. For them to be criticized in any way for this is totally inappropriate. A project of this magnitude requires the support of our community, and we feel very lucky to have it.

The Veterans Memorial will be a proud and honorable addition to the town of Milroy. It will be a beautiful invitation into our town and we are very excited for it to be completed. It has taken many, many hours of work by many, many people to get to this point, we do this to honor our veterans and bring pride to our community. Anyone who criticizes this should be ashamed.

Beth Reed, Treasurer

Dee Dee Aumiller, Secretary

Milroy Veterans Memorial Committee