JC Dairy Princess bids county a fond farewell

To the editor:

Hello and good-bye from Leanna Kay, your Juniata County Dairy Princess.

My year-long journey has come to the end. With many laughs and tears, I truly enjoyed the experience. I will always treasure the memories. I have met a lot of nice people and great children on my promotions.

I would like to thank Brittany Hoover (my alternate) for your help and support. I would like to thank my dairy court, who helped in the promotions. I thank you to Kevin and Lacey O’Donnell and Steve and Lacey Belven for the help in the parades. Thank you Mom for all the love, strength and support you always give. A big thank you to all the dairy farmers who work very hard from sun up to sun down producing the dairy products that we all enjoy. Thank you Juniata County for the opportunity that I could represent you.

Always remember to have three dairy products every day. Congratulations to Brooke Reiting and Mary Zimmerman.

Leanna Kay Hornberger

Former Juniata County

Dairy Princess