Glad that his employer did not ‘term limit’ him

To the editor:

As I write this letter, I wish to say that I have not seen, heard or read of any scandal or malfeasance involving Judge Tim Searer. And not incidently, these are two very important things to note. Actually, the only opposition I’ve seen expressed is “we need term limits.”

I can surely understand folks wanting term limits for some of our politicians and I definitely agree. However, as a practical matter, I have noticed that candidates who strongly support term limits are usually the ones who are not currently in office. Many, many times these same people are a lot less committed to term limits after they are in office.

Last week I read in The Sentinel about a lady who retired from Overhead Door Company after 56 years on her job. It occurs to me that Overhead Door Company does not subscribe to the idea of term limits. Also, I dare say that the lady obviously was an asset to her employer and is very thankful.

Personally, I am on my current job for more than 43 years and am extremely grateful that my employer has not “term limited” me.

Bill Finkenbiner