Former treasurer’s wife seeks support for Civitts

To the editor:

My husband, Gerald R. Hepler, Mifflin County Treasurer for 32 years, hired Deb Civitts to work in the treasurer’s office 13 years ago to replace current treasurer, Janice Peachey, while Janice was on leave. Right from the beginning, she proved to be an able and excellent worker with exception people skills, both within the office and courthouse, and with the customers at the sales counter. She always maintained a positive and friendly attitude with people and about her work.

Deb had been a computer consultant, and for four to five years Deb served as an accounting software computer consultant in Gerald’s office before being hired by Helper. In fact, she assisted in writing a computer program for the assessment office during that time also.

Hepler hired Deb full-time in his office after former First Deputy Glady Hesketh retired, and she served and Second Deputy for the 12 years she worked for him and with Janice, who already worked there. She served as first deputy under Treasurer Janice Peachey the last three and three quarter years.

Gerald told me many times that Deb was an excellent worker and able to assist the others in the office any time they needed advice. When the state would mandate changes to the state related computer programs, it was Deb who always got it going and taught the rest of the office staff how to use it. If problems or glitches occurred, it was Deb who straightened out the glitch. Deb was the go-to for any other problems that occurred in any of the bookwork and did all her work with complete accuracy.

Deb has served as treasurer for the Republican Women of Mifflin County for five years. She has a son and a daughter. Deb is a born-again Christian.

I sincerely, with all my heart, feel Deb Civitts is the best candidate for the office of county treasurer. With all her years of experience in the treasurer’s office, Deb knows the procedures of the office totally and completely, making Deb Civitts the only qualified candidate.

Gerald and I both ask you to vote for Deb Civitts for Mifflin County Treasurer.

Mrs. Gerald Hepler