Educator starts write-in Walker Township effort

To the editor:

As a resident of Walker Township, a mother of three Walker Elementary children, and a full-time professional educator, I earnestly request your write-in vote for the Walker Township School Board sweat on Tuesday, May 21. As the school board director for Walker Township, I will make well-thought and well-informed decisions that directly benefit the best interests of our kids and our neighborhood.

Our students, school district, and community face some tough issues in today’s educational world. In the midst of state-wide student testing and budget cuts, our buildings need repaired, the population is increasing, technology is ever-changing, taxes are increasing, and educational platforms are evolving. We need to tap into the existing resources, programs, and grants that are already available and then use them wisely to manage our school district while offering the quality, progressive, and innovative education our kids deserve while preserving our small town atmosphere and blessed way of life.

Once again, I would appreciate if you would write-in “Amy Lee Wagner” for the Region 4 Walker Township School Board Director. If you would like to contact me, please feel free to contact me via

Amy Lee Wagner

Locust Run