Backs Dave Barron for Common Pleas Judge

To the editor:

Although I tend not to get involved in politics, I believe that Dave Barron is an excellent choice for Common Pleas Judge. His common sense, as well as his experience as a trial attorney and an Assistant District Attorney, will hold him in good stead. Furthermore, he has a strong commitment to our local community. He and his wife, Lentha, are raising their family here and are active within the community.

Speaking from personal experience, I can say that he takes his private practice duties seriously and completes them in an appropriate and timely manner. I expect him to decide cases as a judge just as conscientiously.

In the political atmosphere of the present, I am impressed that Dave is not accepting any campaign contributions from either individuals or groups of any kind. Consequently, he will be able to perform his duties without any influence from contributors. After 20 years, it’s time for a new man in the judge’s chambers. I am committed to Dave Barron, a conservative, down-to-earth candidate for Common Pleas Judge.

M. Elizabeth Knepp