Says Obama really wants control, not safety

To the editor:

To the people out there who still insist that those who support the Second Amendment are somehow heartless and unfeeling, you are wrong. I have said in previous letters that I, and all gun owners, think that it is a travesty when some crazy person kills a bunch of innocent people. At the same time, the Obama administration, and other liberals are not as concerned with public safety as they would have you believe. They continue to say that we need better and more gun laws.

Then answer this question for me: how come out of more than 4,800 violations of the current background checks where people tried to illegally purchase guns, they have only prosecuted 44 people? In most cases, all they did was not allow these people to purchase a gun. When you do not enforce the laws you already have you don’t need more of them. With no worries about being penalized for breaking the law, there is no reason to not try it again. If you try to get around the law often enough, you may eventually succeed!

Obama was so upset when his anti-gun legislation did not pass, not because he was looking out for safety, but that it failed to pass in the Senate, which is controlled by the Democrats. He always knew that it would not pass in the House of Representatives. He wanted it to fail in the House so he could blame Republicans and campaign against them in the midterm elections to try and regain control of the House. Then he could go nuts with his liberal agenda for his last two years as president and there would be no one to resist him. Every word that comes out of his mouth is for a political reason and low-information voters believe his garbage and vote for him and his agenda.

After the gun legislation failed to pass in the Senate, he gave a speech surrounded by parents from Sandy Hook to provoke an emotional response. This is exactly what Hitler did and said he was taking the guns to protect the children. Do you know that some of the parents at Sandy Hook disagree with what he is promoting? You won’t hear much about that, though. He is not interested in their views.

Just remember one thing, people: the Second Amendment is the one and only right that protects your rights. As long as “We the People” have Second Amendment and our guns, we have freedom and we have control. When we lose that, big government has control and all the power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Stephen E. Sellers