Lewistown official is backed for another term

To the editor:

I fully support Larry Searer in the upcoming May election. This is why:

1. As a Borough of Lewistown resident, I’m sick and tired of my sewer and refuse going up every year. Larry was the only council member who voted “no” to the sewer and garbage rate increase for 2013.

2. More importantly, my local taxes with the school and borough have risen significantly over the years and enough is enough! Again, Larry has never voted for a tax increase in his 20 years on council and will not vote for the one being proposed in 2014.

3. Larry is in favor of using grant money for fixing up the borough roads and alleys rather than raising taxes.

4. Larry supports the hiring of borough residents for borough jobs and supports hiring local contractors and businesses when possible. He is a strong advocate of supporting tax payers with borough dollars.

I’m asking help from all borough taxpayers for full support behind Councilman Larry Searer.

Thank you for your time and awareness of the upcoming election.

Skip Rhodes